Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of Illumina Software require registration?

A: There are two types of software that use the registration process to activate:

  • Software Subscriptions

    1. BaseSpace Professional Subscriptions

    2. ICA Professional, ICA Enterprise, Illumina Connected Insights Subscriptions

  • Software Consumables

    1. Examples: iCredits, Genome Equivalent Samples, Illumina Complete Long Reads cloud analysis, Consumption billing

Q: Why is selecting professional workgroups or enterprise domains required?

A: Workgroups and Domains are used by some Illumina Software to control access to different customer’s data and assets. Examples of a domain are dcehealth.Illumina.com or coreseqinc.Illumina.com. Choosing a domain is required when registering Base Space Enterprise, ICA, or Cohorts Subscriptions. Here is a description of how workgroups and domains are used by Illumina Software.

Subscription TypeLocation for iCreditsDescription

BaseSpace Sequence Hub Pro

Professional Workgroup

BaseSpace Pro subscriptions use professional workgroups to control access to software consumables.

Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA)

Enterprise Domain

ICA subscriptions use enterprise domains to control access to software consumables.

Q: Why do I not see my orders listed on the Order Registration page?

A: If you arrive at the Software Registration Portal page and see no orders listed, this means that the orders have not been associated with your email address.\

You have most likely been forwarded an Illumina registration email and clicked on the link to get to the registration portal. The portal does not recognize your email because the person that forwarded the message did not request that your email be able to register new products. The solution for this is to ask the person who forwarded the email to you to log into the registration portal and add your email address using the “Add” button. If this does not resolve the issue or you are unable to locate your order after logging in, please contact customercare@Illumina.com or click on the FAQ link on the Registration Page.

Q: I completed my registration, why cannot I access my software?

A: After registration is completed, a notification will be sent to your email address to confirm the account details.

NOTE: Provisioning of your software in the cloud can take up to 15-30 minutes after registration is complete. When provisioning is completed, you will receive a welcome notification that includes getting started information about your subscription.

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